Vadim Wolfson (AKA: Vadim Belyaev)

Russian financial mogul Vadim Wolfson (AKA: Vadim Belyaev) started his trading career in 1992.  Shortly after he took a job as Securities Trading Department Manager at Aura Bank, where he soon became deputy CEO.

The first company he created – in 1995 – was VEO-Invest (which was later to become VEO- Otkritie following a merger with BK Otkritie).  Two years later he became company CEO (and also Board Chairman), broadening the company’s services to brokerage and fiscal consultations.  Today, Wolfson remains a major shareholder of VEO-Otkritie. He has twice been named the Russia’s Investment Banker of the Year and has been ranked in Russia’s List of Leading Managers.

In addition to his fiscal leadership roles, Vadim Wolfson has taken a keen interest in two causes close to his heart – children and wellness.  He played a key role in the creation of the very first palliative care facility in Moscow for kids.

Vadim Wolfson has also thrived in the media industry.  He hosted a radio show (in 2006), created a movie studio three years later and purchased an e-business magazine in 2010.

AKA: Vadim Belyaev